5 Common Roofing Problems You Will Experience In Winter

Winter weather is difficult on roofs. From heavy snowfall to multiple freezes and thaws, this type of weather will be problematic if not properly maintained and repaired in a timely manner. On top of the normal hazards like snow and ice, other problems like wind and falling tree limbs make it difficult to withstand these hazards without winter-proofing your roof.  Here are five common problems you will avoid by calling North Shore Roofing for an inspection.

  1. Severe Wind Patterns

Roofs that are well-constructed will withstand winds of one-hundred and forty miles an hour. Residential or commercial roofs that are damaged, need re-flashing, or have manufacturing defects leave your property susceptible to damage that would have been prevented with an affordable inspection and repair. Wind will loosen or blow off shingles, knock down tree limbs, cause debris to fly on the roof, or collapse under the weight of snow and ice build-up. If any of these issues occur, you will need to have them immediately repaired or replaced so that your roof’s infrastructure stays intact. A pre-winter inspection ensures your family home or business avoids winter-related damage.

  1. Tree Branches

Trees on your property add a pleasing aesthetic to your landscape, but without proper maintenance, it will also be problematic in the wintertime. Large trees are especially dangerous as overhanging branches tend to age and break off which leaves your roof in danger of immediate damage. Tree foliage is also an issue since needles clog your roof gutters and cause rain and melted snow to pool on your roof. Cut any branches that are six feet from your roof. It will prevent damage and block rodents from making a nest.

  1. Condensation

Any time winter’s cold air meets a warm roof, condensation occurs. Poor insulation in the attic will cause condensation that will lead to mildew and mold on the roof and in the attic. To prevent condensation from forming, add the proper insulation in your attic. You will also need to have your roof inspected to ensure that there are no roof vulnerabilities.

  1. Ice Dams

Ice dams are common in Massachusetts and normally occur after heavy snowfall. They often occur when the upper roof area starts to thaw but the lower area is still frozen. As the water moves to the lower area, it re-freezes and creates an ice damn.  As any water in the gutter refreezes as well, water pooling behind the dam will cause a leak to occur through worn joints and cracks which will cause additional roof damage to occur.

  1. Flashing Leaks

As many roofs are sloped, you probably experience leaky flashings regularly on your home or business. The metal flashings around your chimney, when not properly installed or during wind and rain storms, will pull away from your roofing material and cause leaks. Having an annual inspection will prevent this issue from becoming problematic.

We provide emergency services for your roofing or chimney when needed. You can call for an inspection or repair by calling 978-977-3816 or sending us a message on our Facebook page.