5 Common Reasons Home Or Business Owners Need Emergency Roofing Services

Whether you experience a drenching spring storm or a freezing winter blast, a well-built roof is the only thing that keeps you protected from it. Harsh weather is destructive no matter the time of year, and it happens so quickly that most people do not notice it until in need emergency roof repairs.  While many homeowners are conscientious of unusual weather patterns, you most likely will not even know there is a problem until you find damage from a leak. Here are five common emergencies that our residential or commercial Massachusetts customers call North Shore Roofing for emergency repairs.

High Wind Damage

Roofs are built to withstand intense wind patterns. Severe winds often have gale-force strength backed by nautical forces that wreak extensive damage. You also must worry about debris caught in the wind which often causes trees or large branches to fall.  Having an inspection twice a year during the spring and fall will ensure your roof is not susceptible to high winds or tree limbs.

Heavy Snow And Rainstorms

Rain and snow are equal dangers to Massachusetts residents. While your roof withstands regular snow and rainfall, severe storms will cause damage that must be repaired to stop flooding from occurring. With snow falling on your rooftop for an extended number of months and rain causing water to pool, these events will cause weight to build up and cave in. We are on standby to replace your roof or add new tiles, ice and water barrier installation, and re-flashing.


In August 2015, Boston residents experienced the largest hailstorm since 1950 which produced hail that was two-inches thick. As we have seen over the years, hail hits at the most unexpected times during the year which makes it difficult to prepare for. As the only way to protect your home is with a sound roof made of high-quality materials, our customers call after finding out that their roof did not stand up to hail’s fury. Whether you need our experts to inspect your roof for damage or you need repairs, our staff is on-call for emergencies when needed.

Material Defects Exposed During Storms That Cause Leaks

If your roof is aging or you hired an untrustworthy company, it is possible you will need an emergency repair job if your roof’s materials have defects or poor installation. You will not notice the issue until a hard rain or snowfall occurs as it causes water to infiltrate the roof.

Roof Maintenance Before A Major Storm Hits

If you have not had a roof maintenance check yet, now is the perfect time to get it completed since winter is well on its way. Not only is yearly maintenance vital, but you will benefit from an inspection of material defects or low-lying dangers that will damage. Clearing away debris from the path of your roof and rain gutters will help you overcome the challenges of rain or snow.

Call us anytime if you need emergency roof replacement or repairs. We will also maintain your roof to prevent roofing emergencies as well.  Call us at (978) 977-3816 or visit us on Facebook for more info.