The air is cooler, and the leaves are accumulating on your rooftop. While you are getting your winter clothes out of storage, you should also think about what maintenance to do around your home. That way, you will make sure that while you and your family are warm and cozy, so too will be your home’s roofing system. Here are three residential roofing maintenance trends every home needs.

  1. Residential Roofing Material Repair or Replacement

Because it’s been a rough year with weather patterns, you should start the process by performing a residential roofing inspection to check for signs of aging, damage, or drooping structural components. Take your time while walking around your home as it’s easy to miss the small details, water damage, and missing, broken, or aging tiles. This is a critical job we will gladly do.

Next, visit the attic to do an interior check. The most likely culprit in the roof will be water damage, so look for signs of staining or decaying wood. There may also be water bubbles, peeling paint, and mildew or mold. You might also smell a musty odor if moisture is present. The earlier you find any water or roof damage, the healthier your home and family will be during winter.

  1. Gutter Inspection & Clean-Out

Another step that will save you a few headaches in the fall and winter is a gutter inspection and clean-out. Your home’s gutter system is your first line of defense against weather-related flooding as it is designed to catch rapidly running water and deliver it safely away from the foundation. One good storm can fill a gutter up with tree limbs, leaves, and wind-blown debris.

Gutter inspection and clean-out can be a timely task as each seam must be examined for proper functioning. It is also the perfect time to look for signs of wear and tear. It also gives us a good look at your roof to ensure shingle materials are not in the gutter. Our experts at North Shore Roofing are available to inspect, clean, or clean out your gutter system before it turns cooler.

  1. Exterior Landscape & Building Maintenance

Another great way to protect your home from major wind damage is by performing tree and landscaping maintenance. Tree limbs can cause serious damage to tiles or shingles. With higher winds, they can also puncture the residential roofing system and cause serious damage. It will also prevent a tree from falling and damaging the foundation or siding. We can do this, too!

While outside, look at the siding and paint for rising damp, peeling, or staining. If you find water damage signs, we’ll gladly perform a full inspection. We’ll write an inspection report for you, which is a good thing to have as the date documents you had an expert look for issues. This can be valuable documentation should you need to file an insurance claim for damages in the future.

Most importantly, you will have peace of mind in knowing you have a professional inspection done by experts with three decades of experience. You’ll also know no hidden dangers are lurking on your property that could become a serious problem.  If you would like to have a residential roofing inspection, call us at (978) 977-3816 or visit us at www.facebook.com/NorthShoreRoofingMA.