3 Fireplace Designs That Will Require Chimney Repair

Do you dream of a beautiful home with a grand fireplace? Not only are they reputable heating sources, but they also add comfort and class to any setting. Choosing the right style can lead to a lot of market options, but thankfully there are only a few fireplace designs to choose from. Maintenance is also an important factor. Here are three fireplace designs that will require chimney repair.

  1. Factory-Built Fireplace

Factory-built fireplaces add a modern make and feel to a home. They tend to be made from sheet metal fireboxes that have specific chimney requirements for a new installation. Using the proper chimney ensures your home is safe and secure from fire or health hazards.  Here are a few other critical things that you should know about these factory-built fireplaces.

  • It heats the home well.
  • It has a simple upkeep and maintenance routine.
  • Factory-built fireplaces are affordable and easy to install.
  • Installation isn’t a rigorous as other fireplaces due to chimney clearances.
  1. Masonry Fireplace

Masonry fireplaces and chimneys are the most common type found in homes because of the cost and durability of blocks, bricks, mortar, and stone.  Here are a few other vital facts.

  • Stone absorbs heat and spreads it out over the span of several rooms.
  • With routine cleanings, you usually don’t need chimney repair too often.
  • Because masonry is aesthetically pleasing, it increases the property value of a home.
  • Masonry fireplaces and chimneys can last a century or more with the proper maintenance and upkeep.
  1. Wood-Burning Fireplace

While often found in dated homes, wood-burning fireplaces are making a comeback because of their rustic appeal. It is an affordable material option to masonry or manufactured fireplaces. They are the best option if you have a smaller home yet want to cut heating costs. You’ll also want to know these things about wood-burning fireplaces and chimneys.

  • You can use a factory-made or masonry fireplace.
  • It is a great alternative to cut down on heating costs.
  • It’s one of the most efficient heating sources for a home.
  • You can avoid having to install a masonry fireplace by buying a wood-burning fireplace.

Choosing Your Chimney

When it comes to these three fireplace designs, there are mainly two chimneys you can install: manufactured and masonry. It’s extremely important to ask about the chimney type before buying your fireplace. Some are not compatible, and others require specific installation requirements that your home may not meet. Here is everything you need to know about choosing the right chimney.

  • Manufactured Metal Chimneys

For some time, chimneys and flues were manufactured using terra cotta or clay tiles with mortar. Manufactured metal chimneys are a more modern creation, so it isn’t unusual for consumers to not know much about them. They usually are enclosed within the masonry, wood, and frame. Two levels of protection add insulation while three increases airflow. Before deciding on which is best for your home, ask us for advice. We have decades of chimney repair experience, so it is a smart decision to take advantage of it to ensure your home’s health and safety.

  • Masonry Chimneys

Masonry chimneys are made of the same material as the fireplaces, so you won’t have to invest in a lot of different materials. Masonry chimneys are usually framed with layers of bricks or blocks, which increases performance and safety standards. Mortar also helps keep out water from entering a fireplace. While the bricks will last a long time, it is the mortar that often needs chimney repairs. You’ll also need a chimney liner, but you can choose between metal, clay, and concrete as they protect your home from fires hazards and inappropriate smoke output.

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